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The voice of silence: when science is the enemy.

Atualizado: 1 de out. de 2020

The book: "The voice of silence: when science is the enemy. The Breast Implant Illness story." is available for sale on In the book, I talk about my participation in the saga of this disease. I address all the victories and difficulties we had during our study regarding silicone implants, from the initial denial of our findings by the Academy until the FDA's disease confirmation. I described my relationship with women silenced by science about problems related to implants. I illustrate that we cannot give up our battles and our convictions. I approach the contradiction and its importance in social construction. In this space, I provide some photos and links present in each chapter of the book. Available at

Chapter 1. The voice of silence.

Herd effect: report on the accident with the cattle herd. Link

Video with legend.

Chapter 2. The Beginning.

Research available on BIA-ALCL at PUBMED in the years 2015 and 2016.

Images of the patient with the ruptured implant. MRI examination without changes.

The first case of SIGBIC, with the international publication. Article link.

Dr. Tervaert's work on ASIA Syndrome. Article link.

Dr. Dijkman's works on silicone bleeding. Article link.

Tips for SIGBIC diagnosis. Article link.

Chapter 3. My story.

Articles about H. pylori. Link to Article 1 and Link to Article 2.

My grandfather, Dr. Jonas, resting in his personal library.

Chapter 4. The first results.

Patients' clinical findings. Article link.

The most relevant article in Immunology and SIGBIC. Article link.

Chapter 5. Beyond SIGBIC.

Chapter 6. Leaving the lab.

IBCC Oncology building in São Paulo.

Reconstitution of Prof. Sampaio Goes.

Chapter 7. Silicone implants curiosities.

Esmeralda dog, first silicone implant patient. link

The bleeding edge, NETFLIX. Link

Claire Bowes & Cordelia Hebblethwaite for the BCC. Link

Silicone approval by the FDA. Link

Example of 510(k) section. Link. Accessed 20.Sep.2020. PDF:

Fazer download de PDF • 106KB

Chapter 8. Frustrated presentations.

Presentation JPR 2016.

Article relating the BIA-ALCL to the immune system. Link

Chapter 9. BIA-ALCL convenience.

Dr. Dijkman article regarding silicone bleeding. Link

Spontaneous remission article from BIA-ALCL. Link

Reserachgate page. Link

Chapter 10. The undesirable false positives.

Silicone in the fibrous capsule.

Chapter 11. Social media and academia.

Site: Healing Breast Implant Illness. Link

Chapter 12. Breast implant illness.

Facebook groups BII. Link 1 and Link 2

BII: conflict of interest.

Chapter 13. Finally, the BIA-ALCL.

Vascularized masses inside the implants.

BIA-ALCL article with SIGBIC. Link

Chapter 14. The microscope.

The microscope and BIA-ALCL implant.

Neo-vascularization inside the implant. BIA-ALCL patient.

Chapter 15. The contradictory publication.

Published study validating gel bleeding. Link

Chapter 16. FDA and silicone disease.

FDA panel. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 and Link 4

Questioning the FDA on Facebook and video from the 1990s. Link

Video questioning FDA from 1992. Link. Accessed 20.Sep.2020.

Article Dr. Brawer questioning FDA. Link. Accessed 20.Sep.2020

Chapter 17. Going flat, feeling free.

Article cleavage. Link

Site: going flat. Link

Chapter 18. The science crisis.

Article on the science crisis. Link

Chapter 19. A sentence for changing stories.

Heterogeneous intracapsular mass with late contrast enhancement, compatible with silicone-induced granuloma.

Chapter 20. The future.

29/09/2020 FDA video supporting all the book content.

Music: The Sound of Silence. Link


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